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Benefits of eating bitter kola on empty stomach

What Are The Health Benefits of Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd)?

I am talking about Garlic, the powerful little herb which is being used as medicine from the ancient age. Apart from being a taste enhancer spice, garlic was used to ward off evil spirit in the ancient age. It is one kind of versatile herb that has been used to serve mankind since the dawn of medicine till now.

Garlic has been considered as one of the super herbs with huge potential properties. Though there of differences of opinion on when and how to intake garlic, maximum studies show that garlic works best in raw condition and an empty stomach.

It works as a natural antibiotic when takes in before breakfast. Fresh garlic holds the maximum beneficial compounds like allicin, which is unavailable from cooked garlic.

Unlike the onion, Garlic comes under the Lily family, and it is one of the integral parts of every kitchen to make delicious dishes. As an herb, it is native to Central Asia and Iran and widely used a seasoning spice. In Ayurved, garlic has different uses for its contribution to health benefits from ancient age.

According to Ayurved garlic have five tastes, pungent, sour, bitter, astringent and sweet. In culinary arts, garlic is used to enhance the flavour of the food with its unique aroma. So Let us see how this unique super herb is helpful to manage different health issues.

Garlic works as a natural anti-bacterial agent when it is fresh and raw. In the raw state, it contains allicin that kill the viruses and bacteria. So easting a clove of raw garlic just before our breakfast enables it to kill inflectional germs in the stomach.

Not only that it helps our body to get rid of harmful; toxin as it works as a strong antioxidant. A small garlic clove is a huge storehouse of nutrients. It is an abundant source of vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Apart from this it contains minerals like copper, selenium, sulphur compounds. All the health benefits that we obtain from this alliums herb are due to the presences of sulphur compounds.

21 Health Benefits of Bitter Kola (#Top for HIV, Ebola, & Sexual Performance)

It is said that garlic has almost 33 different types of sulphur compounds, a variety of enzymes, 17 types of amino acids and fibre. Due to the presence of useful chemical compounds in high percentage Garlic provide us with the solution for many health issues. On the other hand, its calorie content is very low, so daily consumption does not increase weight.

Garlic supports us to maintain steady cardiovascular health. Various researches have proclaimed that antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in Garlic reduce the risk of unwanted inflammation within blood arteries, as inflammation can damage the inner wall of blood vessels.

So if we consume one clove of raw garlic in an empty stomach before breakfast, we can live on the safe zone and avoid the risk of forming plaque and even restrict the clogging inside the blood vessels.

During season changes we all are prone to common cold and flu which make us physically weak. Consuming a raw garlic clove in the morning can help us to combat this situation as garlic boost up the immunity power as it is capable of fighting viruses and bacteria.

So it is recommended to include raw garlic in your diet plan to boost up the immunity power so that the killer cells inside our system can damage all invaders. Garlic has a wide range of usefulness that helps us to stay fit and healthy.

One of which is to control the blood pressure level.A lot of the African tribes held this plant in high regard and using it for their ritual and ceremonial practices. But the most important use for this plant is their amazing healing benefits. Most parts of this plant like the seed, bark, fruit, and nuts can be used as a traditional medicine, a practice that has been done for centuries by the African medicine man.

This practice has intrigued the medical world to study this bitter tasted plant to find out whether those healing attributes were just a rumor or real. The results are amazing, bitter kola possesses a wide array of benefits that will surely help everyone to stay healthy.

Meanwhile, bitter kola contains the high source of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, fiber, calcium, potassium and iron. That is why bitter kola is good for us. Thus, here are several known benefits commonly found in bitter kola. Here is the health benefits of bitter kola you should know.

By increasing the blood flow to the genital area, bitter kola can be used as an effective remedy for ED or erectile dysfunction. For people with a low libido, bitter kola can be your savior.

Bitter kola increases sex drive and improves the sexual performance of men who consume them. For increased effect, you need to chew the kola for at least 2 minutes before intercourse. This is one of the reasons that bitter kola gained its fame in the past few years.

What Are The Side Effects Of Bitter Kola?

Meanwhile, many adult male problem is on their sexual organ. Further, for married men it is just so important to keep and maintain, in order to please their couple. Thus, you may found some medicine to improve fertility yet bitter kola is the best alternative if you want to improve you performance in bed with your lovely ones. Many African people believed that consuming bitter kola will prolong their lives significantly. While this belief is not scientifically accurate it might be true to some extent.

As we can see in above texts, there are just so many healthy benefits of bitter kola, that could positively contribute to a better, healthier life.

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This might be the best feature from bitter kola plethora of benefits. This shows that bitter kola can be used as a natural, alternative remedy to the generic drugs that are chemically manufactured. Thus, ebola is danger virus that slowly killing people. This virus is still unknown medicine yet we may try some traditional way to prevent or treat it. Indeed, bitter kola content has been use to cure ebola and best treat for the patient.

Also, it has anti bacteria and anti poison substances to protect our body. These medicinal properties has been scientifically approved and raised bitter kola status as a significant ailment against many sickness and diseases. The high amount of antioxidant found in bitter kola can help your body to increase its immunity levels, so your body can withstand better against foreign contaminants and bacteria.

Africa is known as the continent from which the Ebola virus came from. There are many cases of Ebola virus outbreak in Africa, and it has caused millions of death across the continent. Due to the multitudes of healing abilities of bitter kola, there are many claims saying that bitter kola can be used to cure ebola. While it is true that bitter kola does possess anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, such claims were never scientifically proven nor verified.

Thus, HIV is another killing virus.

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The scientist has been working hard to find the best medicine to cure it yet it is till finding by now.Did you know that eating too much bitter kola is not good for you? Many Nigerians are adding cola nuts to their daily ration on a regular basis. However, despite its many health benefits, you need to remember when eaten in the excessive amount, it can also be bad for your health.

Health benefits of bitter kola nut For years people inhabiting areas where bitter kola nuts grow, knew that this nut is useful when it comes to diseases prevention, immunity improvement, etc.

The previous generation used to have it on a regular basis and so should we only in moderation. Here is how exactly this nut can boost your health and improve the general condition of a person. People claim that when eating kola nuts, you feel fewer cravings. Thus, if you know that you often feel hungry in the middle of the day, have a few kola nuts to decrease your hunger.

It can cure infertility. Some people say that when eaten on a regular basis, this nut can help cure infertility. This only works for men, allegedly. However, as other people say it might also imply for those men who have impotence, as its components improve this function. It can heal glaucoma. What we mean here is that it can decrease the eye pressure which results in glaucoma if not treated timely. It helps cure diseases in lungs. Thanks to another useful component in it, this nut helps improve the function of your lungs.

So, if you seem to catch colds very frequently during the cold seasons, then eating bitter kola nuts is something you should consider. It prevents malaria. Given the studies performed in the area, people who ate bitter cola nut were less likely to get malaria. The bitter kola nut benefits are in the protection of people eating them from developing this health condition.

Now, as you know how you can benefit from eating this nut, make sure you do not consume too much of it. What are side effects of bitter kola? It can lead to mouth cancer. Not all people know that chewing bitter kola nuts can lead to developing cancer of the mouth or gastrointestinal cancer.

benefits of eating bitter kola on empty stomach

Too much caffeine can cause death. As you know the excessive amount of caffeine can lead to death. Thus, eating too much kola nuts can be dangerous.

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So, one should be very careful with the doses he chooses. It can damage the heart.

Bitter Kola For Relieving Arthritis, Improving Male Fertility And Much More Benefits

Again, the caffeine which can be found in the bitter kola nuts can lead to severe heart issues. So, people with the cardio problem should keep this side effect of eating bitter kola in mind all the time. It can lead to glaucoma. Even though when in moderation, these nuts can prevent glaucoma, they can also develop it when eaten in an excessive amount. So, one has to be very careful with these nuts. It is not good for people with diabetes.

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Individuals who suffer from diabetes state that when too much caffeine gets into their body, it starts behaving in a different way. Thus, the sugar is not digested as usually. It can worsen diarrhoea.Kola nuts just as bitter cola have many incredible health benefits which will be discussed in detail in the subsections of this article. However, the benefits which kola nuts provide for health have no difference with that of bitter kola.

For this reason, we chose to merge the two since they exhibit similar health benefits. Increase Alertness. These nuts, specifically Kola nuts are regarded as cognitive boosters. Boost Immune System.

benefits of eating bitter kola on empty stomach

Kola nuts provide the immune system with all the needed supports in order to protect one from attacks of harmful toxins and effective immune response against strange particles. It contains important antioxidants that help to kick against the activities of free radicals and as well provides a potent bodily response to antigens that occur when the lymphocytes notice foreign antibodies when consumed on a daily basis.

Reduce Constipation. Kola nut functions as a dietary fiber in food as it helps in the prevention and treatments of health conditions that relate to the digestive system which includes but is not limited to bloating, constipation and other conditions that disrupt the bowel movement. Help in Weight Loss. Just as kola nuts, bitter kola helps in weight loss management but kola is more effective compared to bitter kola in this aspect.

Kola nut is a good weight loss supplement because it increases metabolism helps in digestion and proper movement of the bowl. The kola nut fruits are not the only source of nutrients of the kola nuts tree as its stem, as well as leaves and roots. Have certain compounds that help in the prevention of some health conditions which is commonly caused by bacteria such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, meningitis and more. Just like kola nut, bitter kola can be used also in the prevention and treatment of health conditions such as infections that are caused by bacteria.

The study made by the Journal of Bioscience and Medicine reported that the use of kola nut extract is very effective in suppressing the actions and growth of bacteria. Used As Flavouring Agent in Drinks. Kola nuts contain a natural flavor and because of this, it is mostly used as a flavoring agent in production of certain drinks and beverages. It can be used in different forms; it can be eaten as whole nuts, can be converted to powdered form or used as an extract.

It is the extract that is used as a natural flavor in drinks especially sodas as a supplement that enhances energy and human health.This is one vegetable we all dread eating! Thanks to its unbearable bitter taste, bitter gourd is infamous for spoiling palettes.

But, science has a different story to tell. This vegetable is one of the healthiest foods you can have. This fruit yes, it is a fruit! Drinking its juice can almost reverse diabetes. Discover more such interesting facts about bitter melon in this article.

Bitter melon or bitter gourd Momordica charantia is a member of the squash family, Cucurbitaceae. It is commonly known as balsam pear or karela and is widely cultivated in Asia, South America, the Caribbean, and East Africa 12.

The USP of this gourd is its characteristic taste. Mature bitter gourd tastes sharp and bitter, which is why many people dislike it. However, it offers a range of health benefits. All credit goes to its dense nutritional profile 2. There is ample evidence that throws light on the benefits of bitter gourd. Its fruit, pulp, skin, seeds, and leaves are good for your health. The phytochemicals of this melon have a positive effect on diabetes, liver health, obesity, and related conditions.

Abundant pre-clinical studies prove the antidiabetic property of bitter gourd. It exerts a hypoglycemic effect by controlling glucose metabolism 2. It inhibits glucose uptake in the intestines and boosts its use in the muscles.

The extracts of bitter gourd protect the pancreatic cells from pro-inflammatory cells and compounds 2. The fruit pulp, seeds, and whole plant extracts of bitter gourd are documented to have a hypoglycemic insulin-like effect.

The saponins, alkaloids, and polyphenols present in bitter gourd are responsible for increased insulin tolerance and glucose uptake 23. Along with glucose metabolism, bitter melon works on lipid metabolism as well.

Studies have proven that it can reduce fat accumulation, thus exerting an anti-obesity effect 4. Adding bitter gourd to the diet reduced the effect of high-fat food in rats. It was observed that the fruit could prevent weight gain by altering the corresponding gene expression 5. Another recent study suggests that bitter melon seed oil may deplete the fat reserves in your body by selectively killing adipocytes fat storage cells. This is because it contains active molecules like triterpenoid glycosides, alkaloids, flavonoids, polyphenols, carotenoids, and fatty acids that prevent the inflammation of adipose tissue, which is often linked to metabolic disorder 45.

Pre-clinical trials on rats demonstrate the hepatoprotective liver-friendly properties of bitter gourd. Obesity, diabetes, high-fat diets, and alcohol lead to the development of a fatty liver.

Inflammation and free radicals can worsen such liver injuries 67. Eating bitter melon can control oxidative damage as it can block the fat accumulation and lipid peroxidation mechanism.

This slows down inflammation-induced cell death in the liver 6. Above all, bitter gourd extracts can stop the liver damage induced by chronic alcohol intake 7.

Bitter gourd helps ease bowel movement.Traditionally, the fruit, seeds, nuts and the bark of the bitter kola plant have been used for centuries for herbal medicine to tackle several ailments. Bitter Kola was eaten mostly by the elderly people because of they believe it could prolong life.

However modern discoveries have shown that bitter kola contains chemical compounds that will help the breakdown of glycogen in the liver and has other medicinal uses which account for its longevity properties in man. This natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. It has been used for centuries in alternative medicine to treat ailments from coughs to fever.

Owing to this, research was carried out by accredited institutions to find out the possible healing attributes of the bitter kola plant. It is possible to use bitter kola to improve several medical conditions for a short period. It can also be effective for individuals who have type 2 diabetes as a means of keeping their blood glucose levels stable.

Studies have found that the seeds from the plant are capable of reducing elevated blood glucose levels. This makes it ideal for both treatment of type 2 diabetes as well as for any complications that can arise from the condition. In addition to that, studies performed on rats that had type 1 diabetes found that bitter kola could actually prevent the cognitive and motor dysfunction that is typically associated with the disease.

The caffeine content in bitter kola makes it a good stimulant or psycho-stimulants for the central nervous system; as it helps to improve awareness, mood and elevated mood.

Kola nut functions as a dietary fibre in food as it helps in the prevention and treatments of health conditions that relate to the digestive system which includes but is not limited to bloating, constipation and other conditions that disrupt the bowel movement.

Kolaviron is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory phyto-chemical. Kolaviron is a major constituent of garcinia seed which helps in treating malaria. Studies have also shown that chemical constituents in bitter kola have anti-malarial properties. This is why traditional healers have for many years prescribed bitter kola for the treatment of malaria infections.

There are no definite side effects of having this naturally occurring blissful plant. But, anything in excess or wrong proportion may show its evil side. Therefore, it is advisable to use the seed on some certain occasions, because consumption of bitter kola is found to have some side effects. To some certain degree it has been proven that bitter kola stem, bark and seeds are used for the treatment of acute fever, inflammation, respiratory tract and throats infections.

With bitter kola impotent is an history because studies have shown that when it comes to the improvement of sexual performance, especially among men, bitter kola is king among all other suggested herbs. Bitter Kola does not only increase sex drive, it also improves the sexual performance of men who consume it. Research indicate that for the seed to be effective, it is advisable for the seed to be chewed some minutes before the intercourse.

It has also been confirmed that bitter kola helps to increase sperm counts and promote male fertility, which can be useful for those of you out there looking into adding a little one to your family. Not only that, but bitter kola can actually help to boost libido in men as well.

benefits of eating bitter kola on empty stomach

Bitter Kola has been revealed to be a natural hunger suppressant and also increases the urge to drink more water. Regular use of bitter kola can help you reduce your weight faster than gym could. People that are placed on a special diet and wish to lose some weight can add bitter kola nuts to their meals and experience fewer food cravings throughout the day; using nuts as a snack can also help reduce hunger between meals.

Since the emergence of sexually transmitted diseases, reputable scientists have been battling day and night to bring a permanent solution to the disease. It is a common form of arthritis. And according to the National Institute of Health, the causes of Osteoarthritis can include joint injury, obesity, and aging.

Research as also shown that bitter kola can reduced inflammation disease and pains. It also increased joint movement in patients that had osteoarthritis symptoms.The usage of bitter kola is not limited to traditional activities alone.

benefits of eating bitter kola on empty stomach

As a matter of fact, the fruit, seeds, nuts, and bark of the plant have been used for centuries in folk medicine to treat ailments from coughs to fever.

The bitter plant, which is believed to contain a high source of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, fiber, calcium, potassium, and iron, also carry other antioxidants.

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Owing to this, research was carried out by accredited institutions to find out the possible healing attributes of the bitter plant. Here are some of the incredible health benefits of bitter kola:. Studies have shown that when it comes to the improvement of sexual performance, especially among men, bitter kola is royalty.

Bitter Kola does not only increase sex drive, it also improves the sexual performance of men who consume it. And in other to be effective, it is advisable to chew the kola for at least two minutes before intercourse. Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of joint cartilage and the underlying bone that causes pain and stiffness, especially in the hip, knee, and thumb joints.

And according to the National Institutes of Health, the causes of Osteoarthritis can include joint injury, obesity, and aging. However, researchers at Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria tested the effects of bitter kola against arthritis symptoms and the result concludes that bitter kola significantly reduced inflammation and pain. It also increased joint movement in patients that had osteoarthritis symptoms.

Since the emergence of sexually transmitted diseases, noble scientists have been battling night and day to bring lasting solution the plague. Although their battle may seem somewhat difficult as a result of the complicatedness of the diseases, results have shown that seed and leaf of bitter kola have antibacterial activity on clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi and Streptococcus pyrogens.

The fibers and lung tissues are not only strengthened when bitter kola is consumed regularly in a considerate amount, it also stabilizes any other counter effect. In addition, it helps in the maintenance of good respiratory track as well as treating chest cold. Bitter kola has a high amount of antioxidant. This high amount of antioxidants found in bitter kola does not only help fight bacteria and other illnesses, it also helps the body to increase its immunity levels.

And when the immunity level of the body is increased, it becomes strong enough to fight against any foreign contaminant. Studies have shown that chemical constituents in bitter kola have anti-malarial properties. This is why traditional healers have for many years prescribed bitter kola for the treatment of malaria infections. Additionally, the stem, bark, and seeds of bitter kola are used to treat acute fever, inflammation of the respiratory tract and throat infections.

Glaucoma is a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball, causing a gradual loss of sight. And according to a Lagos University Teaching Hospital journal, when bitter kola is eaten, at least twice a day, it could successfully reduce the eye pressure.

By clicking again you agree to our Privacy Policy and European users agree to data transfer policy. It is said that the best of medicines come with a bitter taste: Undeniably, bitter kola is one of them.

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